Pacific Northwest Mt Baker and Whatcom Valley with Bigfoot, Barn, and Silo



This ITH file includes two files.  One is the landscape and one is the landscape with the barn, silo, and bigfoot.  Please watch the video to guide you through this design.   This was the Tangled Threads Quilt Store Quilters Trek block.  This block has 8200 stitches and as many colors as you choose to do the decorative stitching with.  This design is straightforward for an ITH design but I highly encourage you to watch the video instructions, YouTube Video is WhatcomValleyMtBakerPattern.   

The key is making sure there is enough sky off the hoop and low enough to build the mural however in the design file notes I put it’s best to just have an 11 inch tall by 10-inch wide fabric to build on… so you can’t go wrong stability wise that way.   The design stitches in a 9×6.7 space so make sure you choose a correct hoop.  Stitch 1 is a placement, Stitch 2 is a tack down, you trim the fabric away, then Stitch 3 is the blanket/decorative stitch.  This repeats for each element in the design.  Lastly, I have included a SVG file for the cut-out shapes if you decide you do not want to applique trim after the tack-down stitch.


You can add additional sewn blocks to the side and make it a wall hanging or incorporate these blocks into a larger project.


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